United Airlines reservations

United Airlines reservations

United Airlines Flight Reschedule | Customer Service Phone Number

It is absolutely legal on United Airlines part to assign changes to an already scheduled flight, i.e. reschedule the flight. The rescheduling is done to accommodate the changes to aircraft and routes. A United flight can be subjected to a change by as much as 48 or more hours.

The changes can be related to one or more of the following:

  • Changes in frequency of flights
  • Changes in departure and arrival times of a flight
  • Addition or discontinuation of routes
  • Changes to aircraft type

In case of a flight re-schedule, United Airlines generally offers you three choices:

  1. You can go easy about the flight reschedule and accept the new schedule.
  2. You can ask the airline to help you board another flight without an extra fee. This means that you can request the airline to change your flight.
  3. You can cancel your flight and ask for a full refund.


United Airlines Flight Re-schedule Policy:

  1. United Airlines tries its best to provide you with another suitable flight option. In case, the new flight option doesn’t work for you, the airline will only offer a refund upon request.
  2. Refund will be made under any one of the two scenarios:
  • There is a significant change in the scheduled arrival or departure time.
  • If the airline fails to accommodate you in the same cabin as purchased, the airline will refund the full price or it will return the difference in fare.
  1. You shall be notified of the flight re-schedule by email or phone. As soon as you receive the notice, you can rebook or cancel your flight. You might also find about the flight rescheduling only at the airport. In such a scenario, you can exercise your right to assistance services.
  2. If you have booked your flights directly with the United Airlines official website, you would be able to review your updated itinerary through the option of “Manage Reservations.” You can receive the option to accept the changes online.
  3. In case, you have booked through a third-party vendor or a different website, you shall be notified of the schedule change from them. You can contact them to get assistance with your new booking.
  4. You must remember that United Airlines does not have any obligation to refund or reroute you on a different flight.

How can I rebook a flight with United Airlines?

You can call on United Airlines Customer Support Number to get assistance with rebooking of flight. Remember to keep the following things in mind when you call the airlines:

  • Your arrival airport and departure airport need to be the same as on your original itinerary.
  • Alternative flights should be operated by the partnered airlines of United or United Express.
  • You can choose a different connecting city or airport.

How can I change my flight?

The airline also lets passengers transfer their tickets to another flight prior to the scheduled departure of their original flight. To change flight, do follow any of the following options:

  • Visit the official website of the airline (if you have booked your original tickets from it) and visit “manage reservations.” Click on the change flight option to make the changes.
  • You can also place your call directly to the airline’s Customer Support Number, and the representatives of the airline will make changes to your flight.
  • In case, you have booked your original tickets through a third party, you would be able to change your flight. You would need to check options with the third-party vendor to make changes. There may be a penalty fee beyond the applicable change fee on rescheduling the flight.

How much does it cost to change my flight?

In case, you are more than a day away from the departure of your flight, you will be able to make changes to your reservation without any penalty fee. This policy applies to all premium cabin tickets and most United Economy. However, you would need to pay for the fare difference if your new flight ticket is more expensive.

If you are trying to make changes at the eleventh hour, you will be paying the additional change fee. Besides, your original ticket may or may not be eligible for changes. In case your ticket is not eligible to be changed, you will get a message on selecting “Change Flight.”


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