United Airlines reservations

United Airlines reservations

United Airlines Change a Flight | Customer Service Number +1 (844) 604-0568

If you need to change your ticketed flights such as the dates, destinations, or times, you can easily do it with United Airlines. However, basic economy tickets are not permitted by the airlines for flight changes.

To change flight, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the United Airlines homepage.
  • Select “My Trips” and enter your flight information to retrieve your flight.
  • Select “Change Flight.”
  • You can edit to make the changes with the date of travel, destination, add a flight, or remove a flight.
  • Select “continue.”
  • Choose a new flight option.
  • Continue through booking and confirm your new flight.

The change fee

The airlines may charge $200 to change domestic flights, and this price may reach as high as $400 for international itineraries.

In case, a travel waiver is available, you will be allowed to make changes to your ticket without any fee. Though you may need to pay the difference in fare.


Same-day flight changes

United Airlines realize that flexibility is more important when you are traveling. You can make a same-day flight change on all fares except Basic Economy and Economy.

The same-day flight change option is made available within 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your original flight. Also, the flight you request flying with must be leaving within 24 hours from the time your request is made.

Also, the same-day flight changes are only applicable for the same origin and destination airport.

You can confirm the same-day flight changes when you check-in at any airport kiosk, check-in online, or check-in at the airport ticket counter.

In case of any query, you can choose to call your local United Customer Support Number.

Fee for same-day flight changes

If you are an elite passenger such as Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Platinum, or 1k member, you will be allowed same-day flight changes for free.

Other passengers will need to pay $75 or more for confirmed same-day flight changes, depending on the route and length of the flight.


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