United Airlines reservations

United Airlines reservations

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Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United Airlines is a popular domestic player in the American aviation sector. In fact, United is connecting people to all the major destinations around the world. It can be termed as a renowned airline all across the globe. The airline has a wide network of flights, catering to all the major cities in the U.S., and international destinations. United Airlines covers more than 300 cities across five continents. Serving more than 200 domestic destinations, the airline operates an extensive network in the nation. The airline also covers 111 international destinations across Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Oceania.

The largest hub of the airline is Chicago-O’Hare. It serves as the largest hub in terms of the passengers carried and the number of departures. The other hubs include Denver International Airport, Guam International Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, and Washington Dulles International Airport.

Travelers love to fly with United Airlines because they get to save a lot of money on their tickets by availing United Airlines flight tickets sale, offered by the airline every now and then. United offers world-class services to its passengers even while offering low airfares.

In order to fly with United Airlines, there are some important points to note in relation to the airline.

Book a Flight With United Airlines

To book your flight tickets, you must open the reservations page at the website of the airline. Enter the required details such as departure and arrival airports, departure/return dates, travel class, number of passengers, and the type of trip from one-way and round-trip.

You can also dial the United Airlines reservations phone number to speak to the airline’s representative. A representative can help you to find the best deals with the airline and let you avail further discounts using some promo codes.

Find cheapest United Airlines airfare deals

Through United Airlines official site reservations page, you can find cheap flights to more than 300 destinations worldwide. The website keeps updating its most popular flight deals almost every day. So, you can easily find the best fares to your preferred destination.

On enrolling in the Frequent Flyer Program offered by United Airlines, you can earn miles each time you select to fly with the airline. You are allowed to redeem miles for flights to car rentals, hotel stays, and even the purchases you make every day.

Baggage Allowance

The carry-on allowance of the airline enables a passenger to bring one cabin bag and one personal item onboard.  The size of the bag cannot be more than 9 x 14 x 22 inches. The basic economy passengers are not allowed to carry board a large cabin bag.  They can only bring one personal item onboard.

When it comes to checked baggage, a traveler on a US domestic flight with an economy ticket will need to pay $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the second. However, the amount for the checked baggage may vary according to the route. On an international flight, a basic economy passenger would not need to pay any amount for the first checked bag. The second bag could or could not be chargeable, depending upon the route. Each bag is not allowed to weigh more than 50 pounds or be more than 62 inches in total.

Higher fares, such as Premium Economy, Business, and First Class can check up to two bags at no charge. The weight limit per bag is 50 pounds for the premium economy passengers. However, the first and business-class passengers are allowed up to 70 pounds per bag.

In case of any query related to baggage allowance, you can dial the United Airlines customer service contact number and seek help from an official representative of the airline.

Flight Cabins

The airline has the following cabins:

  • Basic Economy – To make United Airlines flight ticket reservations at the lowest fare, you can choose to travel in basic economy class. Your seat will be assigned at the time of check-in, food and beverages will be included, and access to United Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment is also there.
  • Economy Class – United Economy passengers get access to a wide range of inflight services and amenities. The passengers are allowed to purchase preferred seating. They get to choose from a variety of food and beverages, ranging from packaged snacks to multi-course meals and wine. The passengers can enjoy an extensive library of movies and TV shows, and they can also stay connected to the internet throughout their flight journey.
  • Business Class – It is a premium travel class offered by the airline. It is available on select flights between the U.S. and Latin America or the Caribbean. The passengers get a smooth start to their journey with designated premier access check-in counters, security lanes, priority baggage handling, and priority boarding. The comfortable leather seats feature a six-way adjustable headrest and a padded seat cushion. The business class passengers receive access to United Private Screening, more than 100 channels of live television, premium food and drinks, and United Wi-Fi. Book United Airlines international flights to your dream international destination to experience the luxurious travel offered by the business class of the airline.
  • First Class – The United first-class passengers enjoy the easiest and most comfortable travel experience. The basic facilities include bigger seats, drinks before takeoff, premier access lane at check-in counters, priority line for security, priority boarding, complimentary premium meal services, and world-class inflight services.
  • United Premium – It is again the economy cabin which offers larger leather seats with a footrest and a lot more space. The passengers get a larger entertainment screen and dedicated overhead bins. Of course, the food and drinks are served to the passengers at no charge.
  • Premium Plus – The premium plus seats are closer to the front of the aircraft and offer additional legroom, elbow room, and recline. The passengers receive upgraded dining options and an entertainment screen that is up to 13 inches. United Premium Plus flights are available on select long-haul international and premium transcontinental routes.
  • Polaris Business – Present on long-haul international flights, United Polaris Business Class service is meant to uplift your experience of cabin class travel. The passengers are treated with chef-curated meals, the right environment for restful sleep, and a thoughtful selection of amenities.

Check-In For a United Flight

You can check-in online through the United Airlines app. However, online or mobile check-in may not be available for travel to/from some international destinations. You can visit a self-service kiosk to print your boarding pass, or you can, simply, see a representative of the airline at the United Check-In Counter.

If you are traveling domestically, you must check-in at least 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. On traveling internationally, the traveler's must check-in at least 60 minutes before the flight’s departure.

Boarding a Flight

Your boarding pass will inform you about when to expect boarding to start and end. However, you must keep at least 30 minutes window to go through all the security checks and be at the gate with your boarding pass.

Department Phone Number
United Airlines Group Travel Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Reservations Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Customer Support Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Español/Spanish Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Lost & Found Phone Number 1800-864-8331
United Airlines Cancellation & Refund Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Change Flight Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Change Seats Phone Number 1844-604-0568
United Airlines Change Name Phone Number 1844-604-0568

Flight Deals From Popular Destinations

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    27 Jul 2021
    Las Vegas
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    07 Jul 2021
    New York City
    Las Vegas
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    10 April 2021
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    24 Aug 2021
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    27 June 2021
    New York
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    03 Jul 2021
    Los Angeles
    Montego Bay
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    15 Jul 2021
    New York
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    05 Dec 2021
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    10 Dec 2021
    New York
    Fort Lauderdale
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    05 Aug 2021
    New York
    Los Angeles
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*All fares are quoted in USD and Last updated on Mon 15/03/2020 at 04:00 AM, the fares mentioned above are for Round Trip flight tickets and inclusive of fuel surcharges, service fee and taxes. Based on historical data, these fares are subject to change without prior notice and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. Kindly go through our terms and conditions before booking.

Popular United Destinations

United Airlines flights to the most preferred destinations in the US include mentioned below:

  • United Flights to Albuquerque
  • United Flights to Anchorage
  • United Flights to Atlanta
  • United Flights to Austin
  • United Flights to Baltimore
  • United Flights to Birmingham
  • United Flights to Boston
  • United Flights to Grand Rapids
  • United Flights to Houston
  • United Flights to Las Vegas
  • United Flights to Los Angeles
  • United Flights to Madison
  • United Flights to Minneapolis
  • United Flights to Nashville
  • United Flights to San Diego
  • United Flights to San Jose
  • United Flights to Savannah
  • United Flights to Seattle
  • United Flights to Washington DC
  • United Flights to Denver
  • United Flights to Detroit
  • United Flights to Buffalo
  • United Flights to Salt Lake
  • United Flights to Omaha
  • United Flights to Orange County
  • United Flights to Miami
  • United Flights to Fort Lauderdale
  • United Flights to New York City

Most Popular United Routes

Most of the times United Airlines Plane Tickets Prices are made extremely affordable through deals offered on popular flight routes. Some of the most popular routes include:

  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to San Francisco (SFO)
  • United Flights Los Angeles (LAX) to New York City (JFK)
  • United Flights New York City (LGA) to Atlanta (ATL)
  • United Flights Boston (BOS) to New York City (LGA)
  • United Flights Washington DC (DCA) to Atlanta (ATL)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Atlanta (ATL)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX)
  • United Flights Washington DC (DCA) to New York City (LGA)
  • United Flights Dallas (DFW) to New York City (LGA)
  • United Flights Detroit (DTW) to Atlanta (ATL)
  • United Flights Detroit (DTW) to Los Angeles (LAX)
  • United Flights Detroit (DTW) to New York City (LGA)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Tel Aviv Yafo (TLV)
  • United Flights Detroit (DTW) to San Francisco (SFO)
  • United Flights Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to New York City (JFK)
  • United Flights Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to New York City (LGA)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to London (LHR)
  • United Flights New York City (JFK) to Orlando (MCO)

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  • Customer Reviews
    • review-image
          • Michael Smith
      • I fly with United Airlines quite often. It has become my favorite airline for all the good reasons. Must say, their customer service is excellent and super accommodating. From the desk to the pilots, I received a lot of respect and smiles, every time I flew with them. To ask if I would keep using United in future, it would be a definite yes!
    • review-image
          • Jessica
      • Everyone from the ticket agents down to the flight crew were great. Throughout the booking and traveling process, I was kept well-informed about the flight progress and destination time. Flying with United was truly a great experience.
    • review-image
          • Christopher Williams
      • When it comes to serving the customer, on time departures, aircraft cleanliness, or baggage handling, I have found United Airlines services very appropriate and satisfactory. The airline really goes above and beyond 5o set an example for the best airlines. In my opinion, there is no better airline than United to fly either domestic or international.
    • review-image
          • Matthew
      • In COVID times, international traveling with any airline has becomes a way more complicated. To travel between the US and Brazil, my United Flights was rescheduled twice. The only good thing was that the United's customer service always responded on the phone in a timely manner. The airline's representatives were always courteous. Due to their splendid customer service, United is a good option to travel with.
    • review-image
          • Joshua Jones
      • This was my first United Flights to Santiago from Atlanta. The experience was amazing with reasonable ticket cost, friendly customer service at the check in counter and on board refurbished and clean aircraft , and on -time luggage arrival.
    • review-image
          • Tiffany Garcia
      • On 25th November, I had a flight at 4:45pm to get to Boston at 8:50pm. The flight got delayed four times when their representatives finally told that the flight wasn’t leaving until the next day Reportedly, the flight was delayed due to mechanical issues. Would not recommend United if you got to reach your destination urgently!
    • review-image
          • Sarah Miller
      • United Airlines and their booking services met my expectations. Cabin crews were also friendly and courteous. So far, one of the best flying experiences of my life!
    • review-image
          • Jason
      • I had booked round trip tickets Tampa- Minneapolis. I was impressed with United traveling as the staff was courteous right from the desk to the cabin crew, plane was clean and well spaced, and arrival all the services were absolutely on-time!
    • review-image
          • David
      • I have often enjoyed flying with United Airlines. Most of the time, everything went smoothly. No luggage issues. No delays. No cancelations. The flights seats were also comfortable as per economy class. All in all, I would keep choosing United again and again!
    • review-image
          • James Moore
      • I was flying from Atlanta to New York, and the United Flights was direct and ran on time with arrival a few minutes before the designated time. The bookings were easily made with the help of United reservations desk, and the flight attendants were good too. As I was traveling in regular Economy, there was not enough space, and I felt a bit cramped. Also, the quantity of snacks were small. Prices are okay. I had to pay to check one suitcase, but, at least, I easily found it on luggage belt at arrival. I would rate United 3/5.
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